Luggage scale

LS-107Luggage scale

Can weigh your travel luggage easily




  • Usable for weighing travel luggage and delivery package
  • Weighing range: 1-50kg, Measurement unit: 50g
  • Display 'H' and hold the value when it is stabilized
  • Tare function
  • Auto power off

Check the weight of your luggage before you go out!

Traveling, whether domestic or international, tends to involve a lot of luggage.
If you are flying, you may be concerned about the weight of your luggage.
With a luggage scale, you can easily check the weight of heavy luggage by simply hanging it up.
You can check before boarding.

Convenient to take with you on your travels!

Its compact size makes it perfect for carrying around!
It is also useful for measuring luggage, including souvenirs bought on the trip.

Easy 3 steps

Useful Functions

Tare function

Luggage without handles can also be weighed minus the weight of bags and other items used for weighing.

Auto power off function

Even if you forget to turn off the power, the power will automatically turn off if no operation is performed for approximately 2 minutes.



Product specifications

Product size
Product weight
Minimum unit
Measurable range
Lithium Battery CR2032 1pc
Auto power off
Barcode number
LS-107OR:4536117 043051
LS-107NV:4536117 043068
LS-107BE:4536117 043044

Operating Instructions